TransitChatter was created to help riders stay informed, entertained, and make it easy to contribute to the common good. As an open forum, we give riders a voice, while fostering community and an overall better ride. Sharing the good, and the bad, helps us all have a more informed ride.

We like to hear a bit of everything, but particularly love when users:

  • Inform others of delays and service disruptions (often well before the CTA announces it)
  • Announce what they love/hate about the CTA
  • Report rude and unruly CTA employees
  • Report equipment problems
  • Report graffiti, sanitary, and health concerns
  • Tell stories that shock, warn, and inform

TransitChatter is for informing your fellow commuters. We are not directly affiliated with the CTA; and we don’t yet have a reliable way to report things to them... but we’re working on it.